Review: E.L.F. 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palettes

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I've been testing out a couple of e.l.f palettes that I bought from TJ Maxx for $5 each! I've had them for about a month.  Each palette comes with 32 shades with a mix of mattes, shimmers and glitters. I find that some of the colors are buildable and others are pretty pigmented. But there are some darker shades like dark grey and black that are chalky, not pigmented at all and do not have lasting power.

I would recommend a primer or eyeshadow base because some of the colors do crease. The packaging is hard plastic and somewhat sturdy. The palette comes with a mirror and a two-sided brush, I prefer to use my own brushes. I personally think $5 is not a bad price at all and it's fun to try new shades without splurging. I love some of the bronze and brown shades. They are buttery and glide on and I would repurchase the palette due to the wide variety and it gives me the natural or smoky look I want.

I wanted to show you a few swatches so you can see the chalky VS. the smooth, pigmented shades the palettes contain.

This particular palette (called "Everyday") contains both warm and cool tones. I find this one carries
more of the chalky, less color payoff shades. Although, it's nice to have both cool and warm tones!

I swatched the bottom row, soft blue (3rd from the bottom) and you can see it barely shows up but it has slight build up potential. The black (3rd swatch) is very chalky and not pigmented. I actually went over it twice.

I prefer this palette (called "Natural"). I find myself reaching for it more due to the pigmentation and the warm tones.

You can tell from the four swatches that this palette carries more of the pigmented shades and it's more wearable.

Overall, the palettes match the price and you can get some color payoff with palettes that last and do not hit pan quickly. You would need to use primers and/or shadow bases. I don't find it a hassle to work around them because they are price efficient and you can save your higher end palettes for special occasions and not everyday wear.

I also recommend these palettes if you are new to makeup or you want to see how certain shades mesh with your skin without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

I used this palette recently for a natural eye look with a bold lip:

 I hope you liked this post, comment with any questions or to share your own e.l.f palette experience!
Always remember, true beauty starts from within. Xo


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