Review: Michael Todd Walnut Grapefruit Polishing Scrub

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Let's get right into the review. This is the second product that I've purchased from Michael Todd True Organics and I must say I am intrigued to try more. I also have a review on the Pumpkin Mask, click here to read.

What their website states:

This organically based body polishing scrub needs to be used to be truly appreciated. The first thing you notice is the delicious grapefruit scent which is just so fresh and clean it primes your senses for what is about to follow. Then the powerful cleanser infused with walnut shell powder polishes away the dead, dry, flaky skin and stimulates production of fresh, healthy layers of skin. Reduces the size and frequency of blemishes and leaves the skin soft, smooth and more youthful looking while providing critical hydration. 

Just the thing to get your skin ready for summer tan, especially "tan in a can" which needs your smoothest skin to achieve an even glow without streaks.

I purchased the Michael Todd Walnut Grapefruit Polishing Scrub and after the first use my skin felt softer.The formula is different than other body scrubs in terms of the micro exfoliating beads. I have used other brands and the beads were larger, which I disliked because they felt harsh and I thought it could lead to possible tearing of the skin with continued use. I do not have body blemishes but my skin did feel soft and hydrated after each use.

I am a huge lover of a citrus scent and this packs a punch in that department. If you are sensitive to stronger scents, this may not be for you. I love the scent though, it's invigorating and so refreshing. I tried using it on my face but I felt it was better as a body scrub. I feel like this is great for Fall to gently scrub away dry skin.

I also had my mom and aunt try the scrub and they immediately fell in love with it. This is a rare occurrence, so I would say this is a must have for everyone! I also wanted to note that it's not oily at all. A little goes a long way and I would agree that it is for all skin types because it's gentle yet effective.

I wish you could smell it! I love the scent!

I have one gripe and it's the packaging. The very first time I opened the cap, the snap attachment broke I believe and I could never close it after that (Hence, why it's open in my photos). This causes the formula to get hard around the opening and I then have to get something to remove the hardened formula.

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