Top 4 Drugstore Mascaras!

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Just a quick note, the title of this post is not used loosely, there was major trial and error with several drugstore mascaras to bring you this post! I am elated to bring you 4 high quality mascaras that will be easy on your wallet.

The first product that should be apart of your collection is Jordana's Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara -$2.99. I love the fact that I do not have to wait for this mascara to dry out a bit (that's the case with all 4). It really hits the ground running and gives my lashes volume + length. The wand is the perfect size to really get to the tiny inner eye lashes and to apply to your lower lashes. 

I also like the simple packaging and you have complete control with this wand.

Here's an action shot of me wearing the mascara and the first photo on each pictorial is the "before" picture. I added three coats of this mascara because I personally like a lot of mascara and I did not curl my eyelashes. The mascara does not clump or smear.

Next we have Revlon's Lash Potion Volume + Length - $5.00. I really like the larger brush on this mascara, it seems to really separate and fan your lashes out. Again, I apply three coats and I do not have clumping or smearing issues.This is another mascara that gives you length and volume.

I feel that the brush needles are a little finer and this aids in the separating of your lashes. I also love the beautiful packaging. The only thing I would have to say is that this one is a little tricky to apply to your lower lashes due to the larger brush. I use it on my lower lashes and clean up any smudging with a Q-tip.

 I did not curl my lashes for the photo below and I am using the color: Blackest Black (I use Black or Blackest Black for all mascara selections).

So, at the moment if you had me select a favorite from my four drugstore faves, it would have to be Maybelline's The Rocket Mascara - $5.94 (not Waterproof). I was skeptical at first with all of the buzz around it and thought it wouldn't really stand out because of my other great selections. Well, I was wrong, I wasn't a huge fan in the past of the plastic brush. This mascara has change that for me, I feel that this brush makes sure that my eyelashes are completely coated. 

I apply my usual three coats and I get amazing volume and length with this mascara. Like I've mentioned above, I do not curl my lashes and it appears as if I do with this mascara. It doesn't smear or clump either. It also defines your lashes, separates and will last all day.

I apologize for the photo quality!

The only down side would be it is a little difficult to remove for me, maybe it's the three coats!?

Last but not least! I wanted to bring you a BONUS review. My best friend has an oily skin type and I am combination. She has a difficult time with selecting mascaras that hold a curl and last because she said the excess oil on her eyelids and lashes really take a toll on her cosmetics at times.

We were at a local drugstore and she was going to purchase a new mascara to try, I suggested one that I've never tried before but I always hear that it works extremely well. She decided to give it a go! 

She has been using CoverGirl's Clump Crusher Mascara -($6.94) for a few weeks now and she really likes the product with her skin type. 

 She sent me these photos to use:
  Here's the breakdown of her review:
  • She applies two coats and curls her eyelashes
  • After a few hours, the curl is not as prominent but it's still visible
  • The mascara does not clump at all
  • The formula doesn't feel heavy and her eyelashes do not feel stiff
  • It doesn't smear or flake 
  • She removes the mascara with ease using makeup wipes
  • The mascara also separates and defines
  • She wears prescription glasses, like myself- and this is one of the few mascaras that hold the curl, so her eyelashes aren't constantly hitting the lens.
  • The brush evenly coats her eyelashes
 These are photos that she took after wearing the mascara for a few hours (The first picture is a 'before' photo):
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