Bella Beauty Skin Solutions | Cleansing System Review

So, like many I've heard the best things about the Clarisonic and like most I am pondering if it's worth the price tag. I wouldn't want to spend a certain amount if it doesn't do anything for my skin or if my skin does not react in a positive way. 

I was in TJ Maxx and I came across the Bella Beauty Skin Solutions Cleansing System ($16.99). I thought this was the perfect way to test how my skin would react to a cleansing system for a fraction of the cost. I loved that the system included a body buffing brush, gentle cleanse facial brush, cosmetic soft brush and a pumice foot stone. 

Just a little history on my skin, I haven't had acne issues and I have combination skin. For the most part, my skin is normal and my t-zone gets oily. I also occasionally get about 2-3 very small patches of dryness with the weather. I mainly wanted to use the cleansing system because I have more of a skin texture issue. That basically means I have skin-toned bumps on my face that are mainly clogged pores on my cheek area and by my hairline/temples.

I've used the cleansing system for 3-4 weeks and I absolutely love it. I was compelled to share my beauty find and I was trying to find a direct link to the item and I cannot, so TJ Maxx is your best bet at this time.  If I find the link, I will post under comments.

I usually dampen my face with warm water to prepare it to be cleansed along with wetting the brush and then apply my cleanser. I apply the cleansing system for 20 seconds on my chin and nose area, another 20 seconds on my forehead, finally, 10 seconds on each cheek (Pretty much following the Clarisonic rules!). I do believe it's for all skin types, just remember not to apply any added pressure and to hold with a loose wrist because the system does everything for you. I also like applying my moisturizer with the cosmetic soft sponge that the package comes with.

The system claims:
  • Improves overall skin health & appearance
  • Reduces oily skin
  • Helps unclog pores
I can really say that it's done what it claims and more. I feel that my makeup applies better and stays on longer. It's really helping my overall skin appearance and it's getting rid of my clogged pore issues along with my overall skin routine. I almost feel that my skin wasn't fully clean before I started using this because my skin feels soft and super clean after each use. It also appears to be brightening as well and I just can't say enough about it, I would recommend it if you can find it online or your local TJ Maxx.

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a mini video about 3 weeks ago with the cleansing system in action!

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