D.I.Y. | How To Revamp Old Nail Polish!

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I was inspired to do this post because my best friend recently brought up this topic. We spend quite a bit on nail polish and sometimes within a short period of time, it separates and gets thick. I wanted to create a quick guide to revamp your existing polish if this is happening to you.

The original solvent evaporates over time and makes the nail polish thick. Nail polish thinners are suppose to restore the polish back to normal.

One way to thin out your nail polish is to add a few drops of nail polish remover. This can get messy if you do not have a dropper or a syringe pen to assist with adding drops to your polish. Another downside is that using this method can strip your nail polish of it's chemicals. If you decide to do this make sure you slowly add the remover drop by drop, shake in between and check the consistency on your nails. If you make it too thin, there's no way to make it thicker.

My preferred method would be to purchase nail lacquer thinner. Several brands sell it, including Essie and O.P.I and like the nail polish remover, you want to slowly add a drop and check for consistency. Shake the bottle of nail polish before you start the process to prep the lacquer for thinning!

Side note: I've read several times that Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner is the best one and the cheapest. Most of the time it is recommended to use the same brand of thinner to match your nail polish brand due to the formulations matching up. Although, it appears that many polishes and thinners have almost the same combination of chemicals.

Let me know if you have tried any of these and what your results were!

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