Fashion Fridays: Tribal Prints & Cutout Boots

Hi everyone! I am starting something called "Fashion Fridays" and I am very excited to add a little dose of fashion to my blog. I really hope you enjoy this new addition to Beauty Bar Daily!

I wanted to dive into two of many trends, the Tribal/Aztec prints and Cutout boots that you are spotting everywhere! I think to many, this may be an acquired taste but I really like it. The cutout boots are really edgy and fun and I really like the look for Fall. I also like the many choices you see for the tribal/Aztec cardigans, you have your subtle or bold pattern selection.

 I really like that you can pair the boots with mostly anything to create an edgy or high fashion look. The outfit pairings are endless and I think the trend will last a while. I also like all of the variety of boots that I'm seeing, there's literally a style for everyone. You can splurge on the boots or you can look for great bargains.

I know the Aztec cardigans are great for Fall but how would you wear the pattern? You have an array of pattern choices on practically every cut of fabric. There are skirts, sweaters, leggings, dresses, etc.! I really think the sweaters can add zest to an otherwise bland outfit or make a lazy day look more put together.

Also, there's muted and bright color pattern choices. The cardigans give off a cozy yet festive feel that I am really liking.

Here's a list of the sweaters and boots from my main photo:

Sweaters from left to right:
  1. Sophie Aztec Cardigan, $36 -
  2. Carla Aztec Waterfall Jacket, $80 - 
  3. Aztec Pattern Cardigan - $40 - 
  4. Tamara Tassel Waterfall Cardigan, $40 -
  5. Faye Aztec Print Cardigan, $40 -
( has no idea that I am posting their selection and I have no affiliation with them.)

Cutout Boots from left to right:
  1. Wanted Gatsby Cutout Ankle Boot, $70 -
  2. Wanted Plaza, $55 -
  3. Black Poppy Cutout Boot, $50 -
  4. Topshop 'Arabel' Studded Cutout Boot, $180 -
  5. Hailee, $49.95 -

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If you have any questions/comments, feel free to leave them below. I really appreciate each and every one of you who read my blog and take time to comment and/or share. Thank you so much!

"Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds."


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