How To: Tutorial for Soft, Fuller Lips + Lipstick Application

It's chapped lip + dark lip season, not exactly a match made... Well, I have put together a little tutorial on how I prep and apply my lipstick for the smoothest application. During the process I will let you know how this can assist you with the appearance of fuller lips!

I'll post the step-by-step photos with an explanation below each:

  • I grab my exfoliator, [I'll list all products used at the end of the tutorial. Usually, I moisten my lips a bit because it applies better that way.]
  • In a circular motion, I apply the exfoliator all over my lips.
  • #3 is showing that my lips have been scrubbed.
  • I then continue to rub in and 'heat' up the product using my finger.
  • Take a hand towel and continue to exfoliate further as you are wiping it off.
  • Lightly apply your favorite lip balm (not pictured).
I just want to elaborate a little more as to why I added steps #4 and #5 for you. These steps assist with bringing blood circulation to the lips and help plump them. I skip this step on a regular basis because my lips are naturally fuller. If you have naturally full lips, you can skip these steps and just smack/rub your lips together to ensure all of the dead skin is being removed. This can be done a few times a week for everyone. I tend to have drier lips, so this really helps me a lot. Also, you can use any lip exfoliator.

You can also use a tooth brush, a towel or sometimes I use my cleansing system and I quickly go over them with it. My preferred method is a yummy scrub though!

  • To make sure my lipstick last just a little longer, I pat on translucent powder or any powder that you may have.
  • Take your lip liner and line your lips.
  • Then, I take the lip liner and fill in my lips.
  • I apply the lipstick that closely matches my lip liner.
  • Ta-dahhh! You now have soft, fuller lips and a pretty pout of lipstick!
If you want, you can repeat steps #6-#9 to really create a barrier. I usually just do this once and throw my lip products in my bag for touch ups!

Products used:

e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator - clear

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss

MAC Cosmetics Cherry lip pencil and Ruby Woo lipstick


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