Schwarzkopf göt2b Review | Curly Hair to Straight Hair!

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Today I wanted to review some of the göt2b hair product line. This is how I get my unruly, naturally thick and curly hair to be smooth and straight. I can tame the curls as well but I have preferred the sleek and straight look.

Let's get into what products I use!

I have used Schwarzkopf: göt2b guardian angel for over a year now. With that said, I have tried several products for my hair and this was the winner! I love everything about the flat iron balm and it even has a nice scent to it. 

I usually spritz quite a bit of it on my towel dried hair because my hair is pretty thick. Then, I use a brush that is okay for wet hair and I comb it through to make sure it is evenly distributed. My hair is then ready for my blow drying and flat iron. I love that my hair has a glossy finish after I straighten it. This formula has kept my hair healthy and protected.

Since I had such great luck with the flat iron balm above, I decided to try the göt2b Keraflat Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion. It claimed to keep my hair straight for 4 days and if you have curly hair that you have to straighten, you would understand how excited I was to try this.

I have used this product for more than a month and I'm not a huge fan at this point. I have followed the directions and I feel like unlike the balm above, you can really feel this in your hair. It feels a little waxy and before the 4 days are up, I want to wash it out of my hair. I even tried applying less to my hair and it makes my hair oily- I have a normal hair type, maybe sometimes a little dry with the weather. I understand that it has to seal in the product with heat but the feeling of it on my hair is just not for me. I'm also not a fan of the scent, it doesn't smell bad - it's just an acquired scent to me.

Lastly, I tried the göt2b smooth operator leave-in conditioner lustre lotion. I have used this product for more than 6 months. I use it when I think my hair needs a little extra care after washing it. I really like this product and the way it leaves my hair and I feel it pairs well with the flat iron balm. This also has a pleasant scent and is a cream/lotion consistency as mentioned on the bottle. The formula makes my hair feel soft and really helps with any tangles. 

This post wouldn't be complete without a visual of my crazy to sleek look....
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