What I'm Lovin' Wednesday: Batiste Dry Shampoo

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Let's get to the product review, shall we?

1.6fl.oz at $3.99

I tend to purchase what I call "test" sizes for certain products. I like that they have just the right amount of product for me to test drive. I am really loving the Batiste Dry Shampoo, I've used others and this one is my favorite so far.

Before using this product, I used another brand and it just left a horrid white-cast on my hair that was difficult to comb out or fix. With this formula I've noticed if I use it correctly and hold it 30cm from my hair and spray, I really do not have that problem. I would really like to branch out and try the brunette formula.

I would like to mention that I absolutely love their clean & classic 'Original' scent. It's kind of smells like lemon heads, if you are familiar with that candy. It's just a fresh, lemony sweet scent and I'm a huge fan of citrus scents. If you're not keen on citrus scents, they also have others like cherry, etc.

I love the packaging and the ease of the nozzle as well. I've used products that the nozzle gets stuck or just doesn't work correctly and this spray can is a breeze to use. It comes out like a spray and if you hold it too close or use too much, you may see a white-cast in your hair. Hence, I love it but I want to try the brunette formula.

My hair is thick and naturally curly, so this really does what it claims. It fluffs my hair back up and gets rid of excess oil. I can see it really volumizing fine hair and working for everyone. The spray will not make your hair feel sticky, you can barely tell that you put anything in it. I also use it when I flat iron my hair, which is quite often.

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