Clear Brow Gel Battle: Maybelline Great Lash vs. Anastasia Beverly Hills

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Is spending $20+ for a clear brow gel worth it?

When it comes to clear brow gel, I have always gone for a drugstore brand. My mentality was it's just clear gel that I quickly swipe on my natural eyebrows, there's no need to venture out on this one...

Well, recently I broke that rule and I ventured out after months of using Maybelline Great Lash brow gel. I received a Sephora gift card and I decided to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel and it was life changing! Okay, that may be a tad dramatic BUT it was sure up there. Maybelline's brush stays really wet and even after I remove excess gel, it seems too wet on my brows. With that said, I do see flaking and my eyebrows do not stay in place all day. 

I use clear gels just to groom or add extra hold after I fill them in just a little. I noticed as soon as I started using the Anastasia brand, the brush was perfect and not too wet. Also, the formula blew the Maybelline brand out of the water. I do not have flaking at all and my brows stay in place until I remove my makeup. It's almost like they add a dab of super glue! It also dries quickly, which the other brand did not. I think this would really be beneficial to those that draw in their eyebrows because it will not budge all day. It makes my natural eyebrows look very groomed and like I just came out of a brow bar. 

So, yes, in my opinion shelling out a few extra dollars for the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear eyebrow gel is well worth the money. The packaging is also sleek and as big as a regular mascara tube, so it will last you a while. Sephora also carries a Anastasia eyebrow kit that comes with three items and the clear brow gel is included. This could be more cost efficient if you would like to try a few things at once from the line.   

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