e.l.f. cosmetics: NEW Quality Budget Beauty Finds | 2015

Is it just me or has e.l.f. cosmetics really been stepping up their game? I tried the line years ago and the formulation and packaging has come a long way.  I wanted to share my current e.l.f. favorites and next I want to try the new brushes!

I tend to have dry lips and I love their original lip exfoliator but they have came out with two new flavors. One is mint maniac and I am mint obsessed, so I have to purchase it and I have no regrets. I love the color of it too.

It has the same exfoliating beads as the original and your lips feel instantly smooth and refreshed. It has a sugar taste to it and does not taste bad. I like to use this before applying liquid lipsticks or a matte lipstick. I also like using it before bed and than slathering on lip balm. I still like the original and I will probably not try the cherry scent as I have heard it has a very artificial taste to it.

Sticking to lip products, I just tried a gloss on a whim and I loved it. I bought the EX-tra Lip Gloss in Michael. I really like how it feels on the lips and it is not really sticky. It also leaves a hint of a lip stain behind which I love. It is not completely opaque but gives the perfect amount of coverage and shine. Your pout will thank you!


The next item really shocked me as it is so pigmented and the shades are so flattering. It is their Blush Palette in 'dark.' They also the same palette in 'light' and both are equally a must have.

Top two swatches = top two shades/Bottom two=bottom two shades $6.00
The blushes are not powdery, they are highly pigmented and I was overall really impressed with this palette. I also love that it comes with a mirror and it is convenient for travel.

Last but certainly not least, I bought the highly sought after Illuminating Palette. Yes, you need it in your life! It is so buttery smooth to the touch and I like the subtle yet buildable highlight options that the palette offers.

It also comes with a mirror and four lovely shades to add a nice glow to your face. I also like that these can double as a shadow if you'd like or you can use it for an inner eye highlight. It will not be dramatic like the Balms, Mary-Lou Manizer or Becca's, Champagne Pop but it will give you a pretty, natural glow.

The swatches do it no justice. $6

What are some of your favorite e.l.f. products?

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