Lush: Happy Daze Gift Box Review

I received this awesome box of Lush bath bombs from my brother for Christmas. I have never tried any of their products.... it's okay if you judge, I would too. I have no idea why it took me so long to try products from Lush. I love the packaging and it comes with two bath bombs and two swirly delights that create a bubble bath.

I could smell them through the packaging and couldn't wait to open it.

The bath bombs were packaged really well and the scent was amazing. I wish you could scratch and sniff these! I wanted to run the water and try them all.

Here is what the Happy Daze gift box comes with:

I like that the brand does not test on animals and their products are handmade. The only one that I wouldn't purchase would be 'Granny Takes a Dip' - I like fruity and citrus scents and it is more on the spice scented end.

I love what it does to your bath water and it is truly relaxing. They have so many more that I want to try. If you like taking baths, these are a must! Also, I think some of them would be fun for kids. They're also a very generous size, you can get a couple of uses of each one or use the whole bath bomb.

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