Review: Gel Fantasy Nails by KISS in "To the Max"

Photo credit: Kiss website
I hope everyone had a happy holiday, if you celebrate! 

I recently went to my holiday party hosted by my job. I worked in the morning and wanted my nails done in the last minute, how I do most things... Going to the nail salon after work was not something I wanted to do nor was it time savvy.

I saw that my friends co-worker had used Kiss gel nails at another holiday party I attended and thought I would give them a try. I went to Target and grabbed the pair for under $10 (pictured above) as I like the nail art and thought they looked festive.

I had never used press on nails up until this point and didn't know what to expect. It came with 24 nails and they fit my small nails! I saw that it came with a sticker adhesive that didn't look like it would keep the nail on securely and glue. I opted for the glue option and quickly put them on, I held each nail after applying glue on the press on and my natural nail for 5-10 seconds. 

I immediately loved that they actually looked like I got my nails done at the nail salon but took me less than 10 minutes and less than $10 to achieve. I even received compliments on them as if I got them done professionally- but told everyone they were press on to spread the good word.

To take them off, I used foil, nail polish remover and cotton pads to loosen the glue. I will be trying more press on nails as this was a time + money saver! The nails could easily stay on for a good two weeks. Also, they come in a short and medium length. I selected medium.

Lastly, I like that I did not have the thinning and yellow tint that polish and/or acrylics can leave behind. I did have some glue on a few of my natural nails and I removed it with acetone based nail polish remover.

Have you tried these and what did you think?

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