Nügg Lip Mask Review

I wanted to share an affordable lip mask that I purchased at Target by nügg. I forever have chapped lips- it appears, and thought I should give this product that is under $10 a try!

I actually think it works really well sans the plumping part and I already have fuller lips so that part does not bug me. If you are looking for a plumping product, I would not recommend this. However, my lips do feel hydrated and softer after 20 minutes of having this on. I slather the product on my lips, wait a few minutes and wipe off the excess amount of product. 

It has a minty flavor but it is faint and not powerful at all. I absolutely love the sleek gold packaging, you would never know it was a under $10! The formula feels like a light lotion almost and doesn't feel heavy at all. I think it would be great for everyone and mainly those that wear liquid lipsticks or mattes that tend to make your lips feel a little dry. We can't stay away from the pretty lipsticks but this little guy will come to the rescue. Also, they do not test on animals.

Have you tried it?
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