Review: L'OREAL Micellar Cleansing Water

I've always wanted to try micellar water but always thought it wasn't really needed in my routine. I have read and heard about other brands and stumbled upon the *New* -well now, kinda new- L'OREAL Micellar Cleansing Water at CVS. It's an under $10 investment, so I gave it a try!

I soaked a cotton round in the water and held it over my mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow covered eyes. I gently rubbed the cotton round over my eyes and to my surprise it worked. I then did the rest of my face and my skin felt hydrated, smooth and clean as advertised. 

This magic water also comes a water proof formula to remove stubborn makeup but I have not tried that one yet. I like that the product is free of oil, soap and alcohol. I also like that it does not burn my eyes, I have that issue with makeup wipes. Using this water also made my skin feel way more cleaner than using a makeup wipe. 

I do wish that it had one of those push down dispensers to control the product more but not a big deal.

Overall, I would repurchase this item again!

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