Review: Bite Beauty | Agave Lip Mask

Hello friends! Where has the Bite Beauty lip mask been all of my life? This product is so good! My friend received an extra one, so she kindly mailed it my way. I have always wanted to try it and forgot to add it to my bag for the Sephora VIB sale.

It's kind of like a hug for your lips if they are prone to being mine. The ingredients are organic but not vegan as it contains beeswax. The scent is delicious, smells like a vanilla cupcake and it has a sweet taste as well. It's a little thick since it is a mask but a little goes a long way and I use it at night.

It is my new favorite lip product to keep them soft and ready for any type of lipstick!

My lips are always dry and I do drink water, so it is nice to find a really good mask to make them soft. I feel like if you wear liquid lipsticks, you would benefit from this a lot. It is a little pricey but again, a little goes a long way and it works!

I hope this review was helpful!

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