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This is a personal website/blog. The content may be updated, changed, or removed at any time with no prior notice. Everything you read on this blog is written by me, unless otherwise stated. I openly express my thoughts and opinions about beauty products, cosmetic brands, stores, services, fashion, and other related content based on my own personal experiences. These thoughts and opinions are all my own.

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If you are a brand and would like me to review/test out a product, please email me at By accepting a product, it does not guarantee you a review/mention in the form of a blog post, tweet, YouTube video, or Instagram picture. If I do decide to mention your product on my blog or any of my social media sites, I will disclose that I received the product for consideration.

Advertising is accepting advertisers. Please email me for information if you think you are a good match for my site.


If you would like to sponsor a post, giveaway, or contest on my blog, please connect with me via email to discuss.
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